Top 100 Blockchain People of Ukraine

Ukrainian Crypto Beau monde, or The rating of enthusiasts who create the history of Blockchain in Ukraine

What is this rating about?

It's the top list of people who change everything around them and create new products and projects in the crypto and blockchain environment of Ukraine.

What is the point?

To show who is behind the development of the industry in Ukraine, and to get you acquainted with the community of people who are not indifferent to crypto. I do not agree with positions in the ranking.

What can I do?

You can vote for this or that person by using a smart-system rating. If you think that someone's contribution to the development of hi-tech in Ukraine is more significant, feel free to vote and don't forget to tell your friends.

You forgot someone! How can I add a person?

Email us with a subject "Top 100 Crypto" and we will figure something out. Let's make the rating better together!


Mykhailo Chobanian

Founder of crypto-exchange Kuna and NGO “Blockchain Asssociation of Ukraine”. The godfather of crypto in Ukraine.

Dmytro Molot

Founder and CEO of Molotov Lab. Since 2008, he has been doing business in the IT field. Engaged in the development of blockchain games.

Vitalii Bulychov

Vice-President of NGO “Blockchain Asssociation of Ukraine”, Co-founder of Pandora Boxchain, Member of the Board of Directors in GEO Protocol.

Nataliia Dryk

CEO Blockchain Association of Ukraine, BlockchainHub Academy. Also worked as an Artificial Intelligence Manager at Pandora Boxchain.

Anton Bosenko

NEM Ukraine Leader and Member of the Board of Directors of the NEM Foundation. Implements blockchain decisions in corporate and public sectors.

Semen Kaploushenko

Operational Director at Kuna Exchange. Previously worked in Lanet.

Pavlo Kravchenko

Founder of Distributed Lab. Entrepreneur, cryptographer, Blockchain Evangelist and author of the book "Blockchain and decentralized systems".

Kir Kelevra

Founder of the investment platform. Bitcoin Evangelist, Trader. Got hold of his first bitcoin as a present. Back when it costed $27.

Volodymyr Dubinin

CEO at Distributed Lab. An engineer who became an entrepreneur and believed in blockchain and crypto.

Oleksandr Momot

Founder&CEO at Remme. Convinced that the technical capabilities of blockchain can change the attitude of people towards cybersecurity and open up new possibilities for protecting confidential information. Also worked as an Executive Director at Hotmine.
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Denys Dovhopolyi

Founder of GrowthUP Group. Has experience in management and consulting in more than 40 IT projects. Can run any project.

Serhii Zhdanov

CEO at crypto-exchange EXMO. Knows everything and even more about auditing. Has a wealth of experience working with IT projects.

Ivan Petukhovskyi

Co-Founder at crypto-exchange EXMO.

Serhii Vasylchuk

Founder of Everstake stacking platform and Codex Exchange trading platform. CEO at Attic Lab — EOS Block Producer.
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Pavlo Lerner

Ex-chief analyst of the crypto-exchange EXMO. In 2017 he was kidnapped by unknowns, and later released.

Andrii Velykyi

Director of Business Development at Paytomat, Blockchain Evangelist, ISO Advisor. Collects cryptomemes at his Telegram channel.

Vadym Hrusha

Co-founder and lead developer at Blocksoft Lab. The programmer who became a blockchain entrepreneur.
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Kseniia Zhytomyrska

Co-founder at Blocksfot Lab, a leading developer of smart contracts. Also worked for Vegcoders, NDA Fintech,

Pavlo Brylliant

CEO at Runsel — a blockchain consulting company. Worked as Sales and Marketing Manager at Distributed Lab.

Dmytro Budorin

Co-founder and CEO at Hacken — a community of white hackers. Worked as a project manager at Deloitte. Keeps his finger on the pulse of the Ukrainian blockchain in his twitter.

Stanislav Podiachev

Founder of Blockchain Art Hackaton, Managing Partner of An entrepreneur with experience in banking and IT industries.

Maksym Demian

Co-founder and CEO of GEO Protocol. Crypto-entrepreneur since 2015.

Tymur Mykhailovskyi

Co-founder of (Bitcoin Lightning Network Technology), and other projects. PhD.

Dmytro Chyzhevskyi

Co-founder and CTO of GEO Protocol. Technician in its pure form.

Yehor Aushev

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Hacken (a community of white hackers) and co-founder of Cyber School. Has a wealth of experience in cybersecurity, as well as C ++, Mac, Java and LaTeX. Ph.D.

Oles Slobodeniuk

Founder and CEO of Knows how to heat a house with a mining farm and earn money on it.

Heorhii Hivishvili

CMO at Bitfury. Previously, worked for Philip Morris International for a long time.

Dmytro Ziablov

Founder and CEO of Beeminer. Can design mining farms on an industrial scale and maintain their viability.

Oleksii Korobeinikov

Leading developer at Attic Lab. Previously, Alex has applied his experience in many projects: he worked as a CTO in Incrypto, a developer at GeoProtocol, Remme and Pandora Boxchain.

Aleks Faliushyn

Founder and CEO of An entrepreneur with experience in finance and IT. Specializes in international payment solutions, organization of payments in high-risk sectors.

Oleksandr Ivanov

Chief Research Officer at 482 solutions. Active member of the crypto community, blockchain and crypto-adviser.

Roman Kravchenko

Co-founder&CEO of Expert on Industrial Revolution 4.0. The evangelist of decentralization, focuses on the scientific and technological challenges of DLT, IoT and robotics. Works in the field of R&D since 2010. Has 50+ successful R&D projects.

Serhii Fedotov

Co-founder and investor of Attic Lab. One of his secret desires is to catch the days when Blockchain will enter everyday life so that people will use it without even wondering which technology they are dealing with.

Andrii Anisimov

Co-founder and CEO of Infopulse — one of the largest IT companies in Ukraine. As of 2018 — over 1 900 specialists.

Maksym Orlovskyi

CEO of Pandora Core AG, Head of BICA Labs. AI researcher, co-founder of "Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine"(2014).

Oleksandr Kokhanovskyi

CEO and co-owner of DreamTeam, the first esport network for cybersport team recruitment and management. Has 17 years of experience in the cybersport industry and 25 years in the gaming industry. Co-owner of ESForce.

Andrii Zamovskyi

Blokchein Evangelist and Founder of Ambisafe, and Propy.

Viktor Manin

Executive Director of Bittrade Group. Prior to this, he worked as a broker at Starlife Insurance Company.

Andrii Sobol

Co-founder of Pandora Boxchain. Has been IT for about 10 years, Founder of One Sock Team, also worked as a developer at CustVox, MLSDev.

Mykola Bailo

CTO at Multisiglab. Worked as a developer at Coloris, Eventstars Worldwide, Esportsfield, One Sock Team.

Bohdan Kossak

Blokchain Evangelist and EOS dApp developer, Founder of CryptoLions (EOS block producer), EOS Jungle Testnet organizer, author of the NFT standard of Managed the IT department at Ericpol.

Vitalii Bodnar

Founder of BTC-Alpha LTD. Trader, developer, investor. He knows almost everything about cryptography and blockchain.

Lasha Antadze

Founder of Shelf.Network and MBCons. Expert in cryptology and has managerial experience in international anti-corruption reforms and optimization of civil service.

Leonid Khatskevych

Blockchain ideologist and DLT maximalist. Head of IoT in He bought his first bitcoin in a crypto ATM in Philadelphia.

Dmytro Bilash

Co-founder of Captain Growth and Septa. Has extensive experience in the development of AI projects. Successfully combined marketing, big data and artificial intelligence as his fields of expertise. Previously, worked on the radio.

Andrii Khavriuchenko

Co-founder of DevNull.Ai, Member of the Supervisory Board of Pandora Boxchain, Technical Advisor at PLATIO and Partner of K Crypto Ventures. Tokenomics Specialist.

Artem Afian

Managing Partner at Juscutum. Implements innovations in the field of legal services. He is the author of the idea of the first mobile advocacy application. Advocates for the legalization of bitcoin.

Dmytro Honcharenko

Founding Partner of Ukrainian Law Firm Brightman. Headed several departments in the "big law", where he accompanied M & A agreements in the field of IT and telecommunications, assisted with obtaining licenses, corporate structuring, taxes, venture investments in start-ups, IP rights.
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Khrystyna Nemchynova-Uhryn

Lead Partner at Brightman Fintech Law Firm. Tax Expert in Crypto and ICO. Worked in the US House of Representatives and the New York Police Department. Served as a consultant in the Ukrainian-American government working group at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Dmytro Hadomskyi

CEO at Axon.Partners. Also worked at Juscutum, Arzinger and Deloitte. Ambassador of the European Legal Technology Association. Included in the Top Five Lawyers of Ukraine in the IT Industry according to Ukrainian Law Firms 2014, 2015, 2016.

Olena Vlasiuk

Co-founder and CEO of Titanium Labs, Toplab.Inc. Also worked as the Head of regional division at Luxoft. Works in the field of software development since 2010.
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Oleh Kudrenko

Co-founder of CryptoMinds — one of the leading Russian-speaking educational companies in the field of crypto. Director of Engineering at Snowball. Has more than 10 years of experience in IT.

Nazar Polyvka

Partner at Axon.Partners. He also worked for Foyil, Arzinger, KM Partners, Juscutum. In addition, Nazar is also a music producer and jazz drummer.

Bohdan Duchak

Co-founder and Managing Partner of Axon.Partners. Worked at Juscutum. An expert on intellectual property rights protection on the Internet.

Myroslav Khmarskyi

Lead Partner, marketing and digital technology expert at Avitar Group. Has experience at ZEO Alliance and KROMTECH Alliance.

Liubomyr Pavlyk Co-founder, Investment Partner at Worked with OSA DC. Came to Blockchain with a wealth of experience in managing FinTech projects and insurance.

Maksym Uperiaka

Lead Partner at SWIDOM — a company looking for solutions that combine blockchain, PR and investment. Founder of RANEPA Case Club.

Toni Veis

Blockchain researcher, consultant, content creator and derivative trader. And the list goes on. Everyone in crypto knows Tony. He visits Ukraine frequently.

Hlib Paliienko

Exonum Head at Bitfury Group. Before the crypto, he worked as Manager at "Metal profile".

Maksym Prasolov

Founder of Neuromation — Distributed Synthetic Deep Learning Data Platform. Also, worked as Adviser to one of the shareholders of Ferrexpo Group.

Roman Skaskiv

Co-founder of CryptoLions, HintSystem. Began an acquaintance with Bitcoin while writing articles for the thematic magazine.

Dmytro Kryshtal

Head of Marketing at CoinLoan and Co-founder of the Citadel. Also worked with Cryptodealers, A2B.Direct and EXMO. Loves decentralization, blockchain and good music.

Bohdan Chaika

Founder of crypto-exchange BTC TRADE UA. The programmer, who began with C++ and Java, previously worked on the development of the "Privat24" system.

Maksym Sapelov

Co-founder and CTO at Coinloan. Crypto-enthusiast, blockchain-dreamer, software developer.

Anastasiia Sapozhkova

Blockchain explorer, DLT for her is a way of life. Works at Distributed Lab since 2016.
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Bohdan Opryshko

Project Manager Attic Lab. Holds a Masters Degree in Physics. After many years of successful experience in project management, SMM and UI / UX design, he joined Attic Lab. Also works as Operations Director at Everstake .

Yevhen Kliukin

Business analyst, blockchain adviser. The former Ambassador of the NEM in Kiev (Nem Ukraine). He currently represents the interests of the ProximaX platform.

Danylo Shuliaiev

Co-founder of Republia Group, Founder and CFO of Ukrainian Logistic & Technology. A crypto-enthusiast trying to popularize the distributed registry technology not only within the community, but also at the state level. He also worked for Minex Systems.

Vlad Hyrych

Co-founder of Republia Group, CTO at BlockchainTalk TV. A crypto-enthusiast who is sure that vital processes can go much better at if they implemented distributed registry technology. Worked at Minex Systems.

Nik Kurat

Director at Intellectsoft BlockchainLab. Has 14 years of experience in the development of technological business.

Serhii Lysov

Lead Partner at SKYROX, Co-founder of Diamond Capital, Co-founder of TokenSale.Global. He also worked in various management positions at, Sperco Ukraine, Dragon Capital, Lux Pharma.

Ivan Balashov

Executive Director at He also worked at ITC R&D, Agri Eye,

Dmytro Kovalchuk

Director of Business Development at GEO Protocol. Co-founder of Incrypto and Alterra Group.

Serhii Onyshchenko

Business Development Manager at GEO Protocol and Incrypto. Co-founder at Savex Minerals. Co-founder of children's sports school and FC "Leader".

Nataliia Sniezhkova

Co-founder and CEO of BlockChain Platform Bloqly.

Yevhen Repetko

Director of Content Strategy at GEO Protocol, Marketing Manager at Coinoplex, Communications Director at Incrypto. Co-founder of Future Media Arts. Also worked at MTV.

Yurii Miliutin

Blokchain Expert, Founder of the marketing agency "8760", which develops promotional and PR campaigns for ICO startups. Marketing Director at CYBEX.

Yuliia Sporysh

Founder of Index Protocol. Has 15 years of experience in technology companies, has been managing Fintech start-up with investors from Silicon Valley (500 Startups) and the UK (Seedcamp) for the past 7 years. Holds a Ph.D. degree in sociological sciences.

Vladyslav Kurinnyi

Institutional Sales Manager at Huobi Global. He also worked for Collision Lab and IVI Group. Expert in e-payments and FinTech.

Andrii Dubetskyi

Co-founder of Blocknote. Founding member of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine. He also worked on senior positions at Ambisafe, TaaS, Pandora Boxchain.

Oleksandr Tarkovych

Community Manager at Cryptolions since May 2018.

Viacheslav Sniezhkov

Co-founder and CTO of BlockChain Platform Bloqly. True technician. Worked as a Senior Developer at WowApp, Conductor Inc., Memofon, Infopulse.

Mykhailo Kharenko

CYFRD Partner. Repeatedly included in ratings of the most influential lawyers and managers of Ukraine in various media. Runs "Sayenko Kharenko" law firm together with Volodymyr Sayenko since 2004.

Yuri Hotovi

Founder of and CEO of — Multiservice Social Trading Platform. He also has 5 years of experience in algorithmic trading.

Halyna Kotova

Marketing Director at Ambisafe. Has an experience at Yandex.Ukraine, Bunge.Ukraine.

Yurii Filipchuk

Vice President of Business Development at CYFRD. Before the crypto, he worked at Ukreximbank.

Kostiantyn Denysenko

Head of Communications at Republia Group and Ukrainian Logistics & Technology. One of the Founders of Blockchain TV.

Kyrylo Shyian

Financial Director at TaaS Capital Fund. He also worked at Ukreximbank, the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

Oleksandr Lozoviuk

Founder and Technical Director of He is an expert in the development of financial systems and web applications, is interested in crypto and participated in the development of some projects. Open to cooperation. Also worked for TRDATA Limited, Wheempay.

Andriy Sharanevych

Founder and organizer of CGC — the largest international business event designed for blockchain, VR and AR gaming professionals. Entrepreneur with an over 20-year history of working in gaming and gambling industries.

Bohdan Kit

Founder and CEO of the Kattana Trading Platform. He also worked for Kepler Technologies as Product Lead, for Concepter HQ as a Product Manager, and as a trader at Propietary Trader.

Dmytro Bieliaiev

Co-founder of Kattana Trading Terminal and Kontentapps Platform. Workaholic, android developer, crypto-enthusiast.

Mykhailo Romanenko

Co-founder and Strategy Director of crypto-exchange Kyrrex.

Ivan Pavlovskyi

Co-Founder of Incrypted — media about crypto.

Illia Boiko

Head of the technical team at BeeMiner. Can pick up ASIC with closed eyes and detect a malfunction remotely.

Dmytro Tkachenko

Founder of ICO Revizor. Founder of Business.People — events, conferences organizer. Lead Partner at SMM Group. He also worked as a community and bounty manager in various blockchain projects.

Daria Koshova

Founder and CEO of Aibooster — a company that helps companies to deal with artificial intelligence and data science.
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Anatolij Kaplan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of online magazine ForkLog.

Lora Veremeenko

PR-manager at Crypto Games Conference — the biggest blockchain gaming conference in Europe. Used to work at Smile Expo. Has more than 8 years of experience in Marketing and PR.

Liza Nikonova

PR Director at BlockchainLab. Community Manager at, Media manager at Blockchain Art. Chief Editor of CoinTelegram.News.

Kate Shcheglova-Goldfinch

Editor at Future Magazine, member of Tech London Advocates, EU Division Lead at The Fintech Times.

Dmytro Kolot

Co-founder of He also worked as a Commercial Director of Segodnya Multimedia.

Volodymyr Denysenko

Blokchain consultant at Crypto trader, analyst, blockchain-optimist and ICO expert.

Ruslan Rud

Co-founder of Cryptodealers. Cryptoanarchist.

Dmytro Karpilovskyi

Blogger Cryptonet. Got acquainted with crypto in 2010, since then has held many master classes and other events, has taken hundreds of interviews, market news reviews and individual projects.

Vitalii Hataulin

Product Manager at GEO Protocol. Worked for Incrypto and Softcom. Expert in DLT and tokenomics.

Vadym Nesterenko

Analyst for Business Development at GEO Protocol, an Investment Analyst at TaaS, Incrypto.