Kyber Network

Kyber network has released the new version of the protocol paper formalizing Kyber as a liquidity protocol allowing implementation on any smart contract enabled blockchain with the purpose of powering the on-chain token swaps. The active Kyber-based liquidity models and APIs on the chains allow construction of the connected liquidity networks with the usage of the relay bridges powering decentralized cross-chain swaps. The update has also affirmed the commitment of Kyber Network to Ethereum. 

Huobi Wallet

Huobi Wallet has announced support of Tronwin with the large promotion coming up during the upcoming week. 

TRON Foundation

TRON Foundation has released its weekly report:

  • The support of 14 languages was announced, including German, Russian, French, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, Hindi, English, Arabic, and Farsi. 
  • BTT token based on Tron is available on 43 crypto exchanges.
  • The number of Tron-accounts has exceeded 8.3 million. 


KuCoin has announced the launch of Arwen beta. The partnership should bring the new level of security to the KuCoin users. The service will allow coin protection, instant trades across currency pairs using atomic swaps, while also settling the trades directly to the chosen wallet. Arwen allows relying on the blockchain of the coin without the need to rely on the blockchain of the exchange. 

KuCoin app has become available for download on iOS AppStore, currently excluding mainland China. Speedcoin has undergone listing on KuCoin with the available trading pairs including SPND/ETH and SPND/BTC. 


Ethereum has held Eth2 implementer call, while also introducing boost Eth2 staking rewards with the inflation levels reaching approximately 1%. Eth2 simulations inside Barcelona Supercomputer with open source code. Ernst and Young (EY) announced that the company would open source “private transactions on the Ethereum blockchain using zk-snarks” for running on the public chain. 


Wanchain and 0xcert have formed a partnership in July 2018 with the purpose of supporting adoption and utilization of non-fundible tokens on Wanchain’s network. The projects have reported further progress in the current week ensuring deeper integration of Wanchain in 0xcert.

ICO Analytics

ICO Analytics have released the top 10 coin/crypto projects for the calendar years 2018/2019 based on their return on investment (ROI). Number 1 is the cloud infrastructure project Holo with 9.90 ROI, $20 million hard capitalization, and $172 million of market cap. The data storage project Lambda has generated 8.40 ROI at $15 million hard capitalization, and $42.2 million of market capitalization. The third project was Ontology with 7.65 ROI and $755 million of market cap.

Top 10 crypto projects 2018/19

Source: ICO Analytics


Nano has released new MyNanoNinja public code API, simplifying the development on top of Nano.

Nano has also announced its partnership with, allowing booking of 550 000 hotels worldwide with the cryptocurrency, while also receiving a 15% discount. The SMART program of Nano provides a 10% saving on the additional purchases. 

Matrix AI Network

Matrix AI Network has announced Matrix Token Swap using Matrix Web Wallet. The token swap is occurring after temporary build of MAN tokens on the Ethereum network in the form of the ERC20 tokens. Token swap implies exchanging temporary tokens for the native MAN tokens with the ability to use them on Matrix AI Network. The three methods to complete the token swap announced by the company included the Manual Swap, the Exchange-assisted Swap, as well as the Matrix Web Wallet Auto-Swap. The necessary prerequisites included the The Matrix AI Network Token Swap Manual, Ethereum wallet address’ private key or keystore file, a corresponding Matrix Mainnet Wallet Address, as well as the Matrix Foundation Token Burn Account Address. 

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