Users of large crypto exchanges have a terrible Friday today. Amazon's cloud service AWS has complicated the life of cryptocurrency platforms, such as Binance, KuCoin, Bitmax, and BTC-Alpha. All these exchanges go through currency failures now, for example, at Bitmax BTC costs $512. Similar problems, but not so large-scale, were noted on the BTC-Alpha exchange one of the founders of which is a Ukrainian.

So, scam?

On the morning of August 22, Alpha traders noticed that the Bitcoin had suspiciously strange charts. The price ranged from $8,500 to $11,500. Some users accidentally or intentionally took advantage of this situation and even managed to make a profit. The crypto platform had to be suspended immediately. They reopened trading only around midnight. The platform developers reported that it was necessary to move the database to the backup servers and roll back the system from the last backup, namely until 23:00 on August 21. The team explains the incident by a technical failure at the data center.

'The BTC-Alpha exchange apologizes for unforeseen technical work and the inconvenience caused. The team took the necessary measures to avoid similar situations in the future. In this regard, we provide all users with -50% on the trading commission for the next 7 days.' — assured Vitalii Bodnar, ukrainian entrepreneur, co-founder and the CEO of BTC-Alpha.

Bitcoin, you're drunk, go home!

The adventures of the wayward Bitcoin on Alpha are not over yet. On August 23, exchange users got a unique opportunity to make a profit because BTC was traded at $3,000! Bitcoin decided he was Robin Hood: to take away from the wealthy platforms and to give away to the poor traders.

BTC-Alpha has stopped trading again to minimize the number of potentially controversial situations. Anyways, system rollback did not occur. Those traders who managed to buy "on the bottom" received their bitcoins. Speaking to users, Vitalii Bodnar, the CEO of BTC-Alpha has promised that balances and orders remain unchanged and the platform would not charge users a penny. Looks like someone got lucky, right?

The support team is currently reporting that the platform has managed to ensure stable trading. Users are joking that they will sell houses and take out loans to buy Bitcoin on BTC-Alpha.

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