1. Binance has released TrustWallet crypto wallet for MacOS devices. Developers say that the new version for the Linux and Windows users will be launched later.

2. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Klaytn. Do you know what these cryptocurrencies have in common? Now The Samsung Blockchain Keystore supports not only Ethereum but also Bitcoin and little-known Klaytn blockchains. Maybe Samsung wants to become a native ambassador because Korean developers present the Klaytn project.

3. The Tron team introduced the first version of the SUNNetwork code. The protocol will increase network performance and include DAppChain sidechain. According to the developers’ promises, the technology will help to create dApps using a minimum of resources. 

4. Libra will compete not only with regulators but also with its’ "clones". Hedera, a publicly decentralized network, has introduced an ecosystem for rapid cryptocurrency transactions. "Facebook has been running the internet for too long," — Hedera’s developers have said and got support from Hyperledger Fabric.

5. More scandals! BitMEX thinks there will be no worldwide flow if it publishes a wrong Bitcoin chart. But it did not go as expected — it is best not to joke with the British regulator. The Advertising Standards Authority received four publication complaints and decided that the chart could be misleading for investors. By the way, one more scandal: US regulator (Securities and Exchange Commission) blamed the founder of Veritaseum Reginald Middleton for a fraudulent ICO.

6. A piece of educational content for the dessert: the ING company affirms that the Austrians are the most skeptical about Bitcoin. Analysts also say that there is a global trend towards Bitcoin disappointment. Another study says gamers are not interested in using the Non-Fungible Tokens. Well, for whom were they developed?

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