1. Earlier this week we reported that the Bitcoin network had set a hash-rate record for the past two weeks, up to 71 quintillion hashes per second. Television celebrity and Bitcoin maximalist Max Kaiser has been so pleased with this information so he has assured everyone that altcoins will be a thing of the past, and BTC will soon cut off 80% of the crypto market. He also claimed that Bitcoin should reach $15 000 this week. By the way, it's Saturday, and the prophecy has not come true. What's the matter, Max?

2. The US Federal Reserve will launch its electronic payment system called FedNow. Transactions will be held in real-time, any day of the week and time of day. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The co-founder of cryptocurrency company Morgan Creek Digital Assets even tweeted: "Bitcoin is already available."

3. Reuters claims that it has information from a confidential UN report. According to the publication, the DPRK finances weapons of mass destruction through attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges. According to this information, Korea has already got $2 billion this way.

4. The Bitwise Index Fund Crypto believes that Libra has changed the world for the better because people have finally understood the urgency of discussing the cryptocurrency topic. Former Assistant to the US Senator Susan Zook agrees on the article’s idea. The woman intends to lobby for Libra.

5. Although the UK regulator does not want to work with cryptocurrencies, the country's tax service has a different intention. HM Revenue & Customs has requested user names and transaction histories for some cryptocurrency exchanges. If you can trade, you can pay taxes too.

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