1. The cannabis theme is trendy this week. Greek billionaire David Alki has created a marijuana-tied cryptocurrency SWX Coin. Meanwhile, the Arizona local government has launched a similar project in its sandbox — Alta is going to test a stablecoin for cannabis sales.

2. The Tether coin grabbed our attention after the news on its launch of the fifth blockchain. The token will also be available on the Bitcoin Liquid Sidechain.

3. Samsung and Pundi X stopped quarreling over the blockchain smartphone users and decided to collaborate. The XWallet payment application will be available on Galaxy S10 devices and will integrate with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet. Users can now transfer their assets between the two wallets.

4. The US Congress has passed one more hearing on cryptocurrencies. No, it is not about Libra, though the debate still came to the topic of Facebook. Actually, they went on by discussing the legal status of digital assets in America. Although the national fate of the crypto market has not been resolved, tough disputes took place.

5. Rumor has it that somewhere the real Nakamoto is keenly watching the controversy about his personality. And if you don't believe he is Craig Wright, you can get a subpoena some morning. This is exactly what happened to Bitcoin.com's CEO Roger Ver, who once called Wright a liar. Beware!

6. The Lumachain startup is developing a project for tracking food products. It has already raised $2.5 million in venture capital investment. The main idea of the project is to fight modern slavery associated with food production. 

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