1. Utah became the third US jurisdiction that began using blockchain for voting. Earlier, citizens of Denver and West Virginia were eligible for this possibility. Maybe once it will come to us too.

2. The Ukrainian Kuna Exchange delisted the EURS and ARN tokens, as well as the BCH / BTC and REM / ETH trading pairs. Bidding closes on July 31, and users can withdraw assets until August 24.

3. The German regulator allowed the Fundament company to issue tokenized bonds worth €280 million. Thus, the company intends to raise funds for the construction of real estate objects in Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Yen. This is the first time when a German regulator has approved a similar project.

4. After a long silence, people speak about “Wright VS Kleiman” case again. Craig Wright, who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto, faced a competitor — a Belgian named Debo Guido. Moreover, Wright's wife will testify against her husband. Now it's a real epic!

5. And about Germany again. Daimler Corporation, a subsidiary company of Mercedes-Benz, became a partner of Riddle & Code. Together companies have to release a crypto wallet for cars. The press release promises that the application will help to reduce congestion and insurance premiums. Blockchain-data about car owner will be used in the event of an accident.

6. The phrase “Fly Me to the Moon” is not only the name of the Sinatra’s song but also the crypto meme about the Bitcoin growth. And on July 19, thanks to the project “Diana”, it received another interpretation. The startup is proposing to divide our natural satellite by 3,874,204,892 units and sell them for the DIA and MOND tokens. Who would like the moon?

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