1. Facebook has applied for BitLicense, a New York state license to do business with virtual currencies. Also, the creators of Libra are trying to get approval from regulators in several other countries. Although so far this is only a drop in the ocean: to become a truly global cryptocurrency, Libra will have to deal with a hundred regulators all over the world. Meanwhile, the US Senate seeks a moratorium on the stablecoin development. Senators believe that without proper regulation, Libra might cause global instability.

2. Jefferies' financial company surveyed 600 Americans to find out their attitudes on Facebook's stablecoin. Four out of five respondents said they were not going to buy Libra. Half of them explain their decision with the distrust because they suspect that the social network will have access to data for each operation.

3. The British financial regulator approved the launch of the first cryptocurrency hedge fund — Prime Factor Capital. The organization will be an alternative to traditional investment funds under the current EU regulations. Go, crypto investors!

4. The Metronome project now allows users to move tokens between blockchains. The feature is now available between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The main thing is that there is no exchange of assets, but the movement, so the asset itself and its price remain unchanged. One small step for Ethereums is a big leap for the real decentralization.

5. Casa Startup, specializing in the creation of secure storage systems for private keys, launched a new mobile application for easy use of Lightning-Node. The main goal is to provide users with easy access to the Bitcoin and Lightning network. And to encourage newcomers, a project will pay 20,000 Satoshi just for connecting the Casa Node.

6. Gram Asia sells the Gram-Tokens $4 per one. This is three times more than the price of $1,33, for which they bought GRAMs at ICO from the Telegram Open Network. And this is despite the fact that investors have no right to sell the tokens before the official launch of the network. 

7. New York blockchain startup Flexa added Litecoin as the fifth cryptocurrency, accepted by 39,000+ merchants. We remind that the LTC has significantly increased in price in anticipation of "halving" — a 50% reduction in the mining rewards. 

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