Another busy week in the crypto industry is over. It was marked with the Binance hack and the Bitcoin's new records. Sceptics who did not have time to buy crypto at the bottom start feeling FOMO. We, meanwhile, have gathered for you the most important news for the last seven days in the traditional weekly digest.

1. Lighting payments are now available on Apple Watch. Bluewallet developers made the Bitcoin-lightning wallet for the Apple smartwatches. This is the first attempt to provide LN support for Apple devices. Now you can access the crypto wallet, view operations or make instant transfers through the screen of your smartwatch.

2. Financial services firm Fidelity plans to open a bitcoin trading service for institutional investors. Now serious men and hedge funds can spend billions of dollars for crypto without market panic.

3. In April, Ethereum based dapps demonstrated a record transactions volume totaling 776,000 ETH ($131.8 million). This is the peak activity ever, even taking into account the era of CryptoKitties. At the same time, the number of new decentralized applications decreased: in December 2018 178 dapps were launched, and only 88 — during the last month.

4. This week's spotlight was the crypto exchange Binance. Hackers have stolen 7,000 bitcoins from its accounts — that's more than $46 million at the time of this digest release. The attackers were able to access 2FA codes and API keys and thus steal to the cryptos stored on hot wallets, which is about 2% of all exchanges' funds. After that, Binance froze asset input and output for a week to test the security system. The market reacted with a slight correction, and within a day prices began to grow and even reached new 2019 heights.

5. Ethereum follows its plan for switching to PoS. Prysmatic startup has launched a test network for Ethereum 2.0 based on the Casper PoS protocol. Security, scalability, and decentralization have been improved. This is the next step in updating the network after the Constantinople hard fork, held on February 28.

6. The Fluidity project announced the first Ethereum mortgages for residents of California and New York. Already in the summer, the company is going to tokenize the houses and use the newly formed capital as a pledge for more profitable loans. The process of obtaining a license is currently underway.

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