1. Ethereum developers have approved the ProgPow update. The community has decided to change the algorithm of mining, which complicates life for ASIC-users and slightly simplifies it for the old-time miners who use video cards. This news sparked a lot of controversy among the community. Some believe that the team working on ProgPoW represents the interests of leading manufacturers of graphics processors 一 Nvidia and AMD.

2. Coinmarketcap introduces "health" rating FCAS - Fundamental Crypto Asset Score. This is a cumulative index, which is formed by the following indicators: user activity, developer behaviour, and general market condition. The healthiest currency in the top 10 is Ethereum, while the least healthy is Tether (surprise).

3. Australians can buy bitcoins for fiat in 1,300 newsstands thanks to the Binance Lite service. In the future, the list of cryptocurrencies will be extended. Before using the service, clients need to verify their account and complete the KYC / AML procedures. After that, they will be able to place online orders, send money and receive bitcoins in a few minutes.

4. CoinMarketCap launches two crypto indices on Nasdaq, Reuters, Bloomberg and the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. The first one (CMC200) shows the general state of the cryptos, while the other one (CMC200EX) monitors the market without the "influence" of the bitcoin. New indexes cover the 200 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation and, according to company representatives, reflect the complete data about the market.

5. Bitmain plans to launch 200,000 new miners in China this summer to take advantage of the cheap power of a local hydroelectric power plant. Equipment is modestly priced at $80 million, but now for Bitmain it may be more profitable to mine crypto than to try to sell all this equipment. This step is evidence of a market reversal, with the miners (people) preparing to reinvest in this activity after the reduction of capacity last year.

And about the news of the industry in Ukraine.

6. The EXMO crypto exchange and the decentralised cryptocurrency payment system Paytomat announced the launch of the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) of the #PTI token. The token sale will be held on April 1, 2019.

7. The Drohobych city council has launched in public testing the record for secondary schools based on the blockchain technology. From now on, all parents' applications for enrollment in educational institutions will be entered into a database protected from falsification. Schools will use blockchain technology to exclude the possibility of manipulating the turn of children. All data on entry requests are stored in a distributed ledger, which can not be falsified.

8. On March 28, the National Bank of Ukraine will hold an open seminar with the participation of Timofiy Milovanov, Professor of the University of Pittsburgh and Honorary President of the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), about the operation of the blockchain technology and the prospect of mining. The speaker will also consider regulatory issues related to the crypto industry. Visiting is free of charge by pre-registration.

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