1. Zuckerberg tours the US Senate. As he tries to find at least one congressman to support Libra, politicians continue to look at the project through the magnifying glass. The disputes about privacy do not end. 

2. Ripple faces threat of fork: Twitter user @Crypto_Bitlord encourages Ripple investors to separate from the mainstream network. The brawl was preceded by a petition from the same Bitlord demanding to stop “tossing” the market with XRP tokens.

3. While China hasn't released its national digital currency yet, South Korea is hinting to do the same. At present, there are only some discussions of what the future project will look like. It seems as if China has become the new trendsetter. Who will follow the trend next?

4. The BitPay payment service will support Ethereum soon. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and USD Coin along with Gemini Dollar and Paxos Standard (PAX) payments are currently available to service users.

5. Binance will allow users to lend assets through the Binance Lending Service project. Only Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC) and Dash (DASH) tokens will be able to lend. According to the announcement, all cryptocurrencies will have the same annual rate of 3.5%.

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