1. Binance has acquired crypto exchange JEX, which is registered in Seychelles and offers cryptocurrency derivatives. The new platform is called Binance JEX, and guided by Changpeng Zhao. Besides that, the two new projects were launched. The platforms Futures A and Futures B will work (obviously) with crypto futures. 

2. That’s not enough for Binance. The crypto exchange and a fintech company Paxos are going to launch a stablecoin Binance USD. The New York State Department of Financial Services has already approved the project, so the game has become serious. 

3. This week Bitcoin did not disappoint us and set a new record for market capitalization. On September 3, it accounted for 70.5% of the total crypto capitalization, and now it is already 70.9%. This is the highest indicator since 2017.

4. This month, Korean startup Artbloc will sell David Hockney's works for art tokens. A total of 13,500 coins will be issued, each costing 9,900 won ($8.18). The purpose of the project is to enable everybody to own a piece of art partially.

5. LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman posted a rap battle between US politician Alexander Hamilton and Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Of course, personalities of historical significance were replaced by actors, but it turned out to be epic. The commentators of the video have an opportunity to get one bitcoin, so do not hesitate to check it out.

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