1. Do you remember the Brave project for promoting your favorite microblogs? It seems that it has been so successful, that you can now give tips in Vimeo and Reddit as well. The Brave browser application allows you to use the Basic Attention Token (BAT) and encourage the most interesting posts with them — almost the same "like", but in cryptocurrency.

2. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission  (CFTC) has settled the crypto pyramid scheme called “Bitcoin Funding Team” and “My7Network”. The villains promised their customers mountains of gold in exchange for $100. Now the scammers have to pay the money back to those who have invested more than one hundred dollars in the project. 

3. The case with Craig Wright also came to a logical conclusion. The court ordered the return of half of the stolen bitcoins to the family of the deceased David Clayman. Wright tried to prove his involvement in the creation of the first cryptocurrency, and the right to inherit his "colleague’s" money.

4. China decided to play a game called "Who's better?". As previously reported the CEO of Huawei has expressed confidence that China can issue its national cryptocurrency much better than Libra. It seems that the country has serious intentions. According to unofficial data, the cryptocurrency has received a codename “DC/EP”. It is said that seven institutions of the country will become the first coin holders, mainly banks.

5. The Hyperledger Consortium launched its first public blockchain with Ethereum client support. The project is called Pantheon, its code will be published on the official Hyperledger GitHub page and will be accessible to application developers.

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