1. Every time Bitfinex denies its guilt in the Tether case, one New York prosecutor is outraged. Last week, the crypto platform reported that all the necessary documents were provided, it was justified, and the case was over. ‘Not so fast,’ the prosecutor's office said. The investigation is ongoing and protracted, as is the issue with Libra.

2. Finally, Ukraine also appears in the news about cryptocurrencies, though not in the story that we would like to read. The managers of the South Ukrainian NPP decided that mining a cryptocurrency at a nuclear power plant was a very good idea, but when they connected the equipment to the network, a leak of state-classified information happened. They will not be judged for an attempt at shadow earnings, but the negligent treatment of state secrets.

3. There's been a lot of things to hear about the Pundi X lately. This week it became known for a partnership with the Venezuelan department store ‘Traki’. Thanks to this cooperation, Venezuelans can now buy products for crypto.

4. The UK-based Barclays Bank discontinued his partnership with Coinbase. The reasons for this decision remain unknown, but as a result of this story, platform users are unable to perform instant operations with pounds. Despite this, Coinbase hasn’t long been sad and has already partnered with another British bank called ClearBank.

5. Crypto enthusiast Patrick Bern, formerly known as CEO Overstock, now is known just as Patrick Bern. The man was fired after it became aware of his relationship with Russian spy Maria Butina. Luke Besson is delighted.

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