The era of Blockchain is driving new trends. A new industrial revolution is happening today. At the end of last year, the first blockchain smartphone appeared in the world, and now, several companies are already engaged in integrating cryptocurrency wallets into the gadgets we use every day.

In the new #RoadToAdoption interview, we talk with Andrii Holovko, the CEO at Legio, which is the distributor of Finney blockchain smartphone from Sirin Labs in Ukraine. Andrii is sure that Ukrainian society deserves new technologies, therefore blockchain smartphone can be in demand in our market. During the interview, Andrii talked about the Finney peculiarities, opened up some of the Sirin Labs advertising strategies, and also shared the goal which was behind the creation of the blockchain smartphone.

Andrii, Finney is primarily a phone or a crypto wallet?

Finney is a symbiosis of the familiar user experience of all Android functions on a smartphone and the blockchain technology capabilities, like a cold wallet. Using a smartphone, you can store, send, receive or exchange different cryptocurrencies, as well as buy them with a credit card. The built-in DCenter service provides access to various blockchain applications.

Why does Foxconn produce smartphones? Why didn't the cooperation with Huawei work out?

Most likely, there was a condition for the implementation of the entire ecosystem, including Sirin OS and hardware solutions of the cold wallet. It is possible that such terms did not fit Huawei for a variety of reasons. Probably, they wanted only an increase in cybersecurity for their devices.

That's why Foxconn. It is a world leader in mobile devices, and it guarantees the quality and reliability of the Finney hardware parts.

Why does Finney work on Ethereum, and not EOS, for example?

This was the most comfortable platform at the time of the SRN token release. Now it shows itself as a reliable site. In any case, with the growth of the Finney owners' community, the possibility of switching to own blockchain will be considered. Research on this issue is ongoing.

Which competitors does Finney have on the market?

At the moment, several companies are taking steps to apply blockchain technology to their devices. These are HTC Exodus and Samsung S10. And it's good that such giants see a perspective in this direction. However, only Finney has a built-in cold wallet and specialized services of internal crypto exchange.

Lionel Messi became the brand ambassador... were there any alternatives?

It's difficult to say. Messi played his part. Other marketing techniques that are to be used in the future will depend on the practical necessity, and most likely, they will vary locally in different countries.

Andrii Holovko with Lionel Messi

Won't Finney repeat Solarin's fate ($14,000 smartphone turned out to be too niche — editorial note)?

These are completely different categories. Solarin was designed for the luxury segment, and it had some success there. Finney is a mass use product, and everything is done to make it so.

Where to buy Finney in Ukraine? Are you planning to expand sales outlets?

You can buy Finney at an online store in Ukraine. The first batch has already been imported, and the device is in stock. We are negotiating with several networks about the location of the Finney booth in their offline stores. Each new partnership will be immediately announced on various channels.

Most people still do not understand blockchain. But do they need to? (Let's remember, as it was with the e-mail in the 1990s). What are you bidding on when promoting your product: hype, security, something new and interesting?

We focus on three basic concepts — earn, save and stand out from the crowd.

1. Earn money. Finney provides the easiest and fastest way to enter the crypto world. After the purchase, the owner receives the SRN tokens on his wallet in the equivalent of $50. Then he can buy more crypto, exchange it for any other currency, thus investing in his future and earning on the projects development and the price growth. There is also a referral program: invite friends and get $50 rewards for each sold device using a unique link.
Soon, the Learn&Earn program at DCenter will be expanded, so users will be able to earn watching the advertising of new blockchain projects.

2. Save. It is a general cybersecurity system that protects personal data from hacker attacks and phishing. Also, the system protects the cold wallet and there’s special protection of every application.

3. Stand out from the crowd. This includes the unique Finney design and the quality of materials that allow the use without cases and screen protectors, which gives a strong sense of individuality.

Finney at BlockchainUA conference

Tell a little about the team in Ukraine. Do you plan to expand in 2019?

In Ukraine, there is a team to promote this project: technical specialists, marketers, designers, sales managers, etc. The team will expand correspondingly to increased sales and the emergence of new tasks.

Is blockchain smartphone a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) long-term strategy?

The primary goal is to provide an opportunity to use cryptocurrency in everyday life. And to make it most affordable and convenient.

As for Finney, as an element of the Internet of things, it will undoubtedly be able to get a certain place in this area in the future.

Can we expect a similar way to Apple: dominance in one area (smartphone), and then the creation of a unique ecosystem (Apple Store, iTunes, etc. — but on the distributed ledgers)?

We believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain are the technologies that will become part of our everyday life, so the use of such devices will become widespread. It's difficult to talk about dominance — time will tell, but the fact that Finney is a pioneer gives us some benefits.

And then, as they say, GO CRYPTO!

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