About us

WTFbit Media is an English and Ukrainian speaking media about blockchain and related emerging technologies. With a focus on "engaging technical writing,” its business model is disruptive outsourcing. It is also part of the WTFBit Group holding.

We have gathered advanced writers with a deep understanding of blockchain, AI, IoT and Biotech who exchange expertise and offer high-quality original copywriting services to startups and enterprise. Contact us to see our portfolio and to find out about terms of cooperation. 

Be wise: neglect hype, cut the clutter, deliver true value to your audience.

Denys Andrushchenko

Editor-in-Chief and nerd. Connect on LinkedIn.

Dmytro Veselov

Tech Editor, Facebook expert, and popularizer of science. Connect on LinkedIn.

Yuliia Hromylo

Head of the Ukrainian crypto community. Say hello to us at hello@wtfbit.media

Max Shamrai

Project Manager. Does everything we just can’t and saves us tons of time so we can deliver unique content to you.